1966 Mustang Coupe

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From Bill Magruder:

Would you be kind enough to post this with pictures on the CACC website? Dave is a friend of mine here at Clark. He bought the car as a favor for the widow of the fellow that owned and restored the car that lived near Berryville, VA. The car now is located in No. VA.

Here you go. Thanks for posting around to your car club.
It has a 289, original block matching. It has been restored. I’m thinking $18.5K as selling price. I’m in no rush to sell. It’s in excellent shape. Also comes with four extra rims and tires (high-shine aluminum half moon). Thanks!

Pix here....http://www.capitalareacobraclub.com/index.php?media/albums/1966-mustang-for-sale.37/

Dave Golden
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