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    This has been on my bucket list for quite some time. So I'm finally going to make it this year. Jose, Hector and two other friends are going. Our tour is officially known a "Five Guys and a Cooler". We will be seeing the start and finish of the "race" and make other stops in Italy during the week. One of our stops will be in Maranello where we will tour the Ferrari factory and visit the other auto manufacturers.

    2018 MM and our route overlay REVISED.jpg

    We unfortunately are not participating, since none of us own a car that is eligible to run in it. (It has to be a a car-or the same model-that ran in the original race between 1927 and 1957). So we are doing the next best thing and renting an Italian legend that will hold "Five Guys and a Cooler".

    So, what could possibly go wrong?

    Stay tuned for a full report of our adventure......
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  2. As
    As long as your not driving, everthing should be fine O0
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    As I understand it, the cars in the race have to be as you say and have to be essentially unmodified, except for a short list of safety-related things, correct?
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    With five guys in a van driving around Italy, a cooler is certainly a “safety related item”! ;D
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