Backdraft with Roush 511IRFE crate motor, T56 6 speed

I am beginning the process for getting the Cobra for sale. I have not driven it recently and could use the money for an upcoming house purchase.

I am asking $48K for it now, but that may increase as I fix a few of the issues, price is negotiable. I am located in Merrifield, VA (Vienna address).

It’s BDR #783, built in 2009 by Vintage Motorsports out of North Haven, CT. Original cost was over $70K. I’ll find the invoice eventually. It has just over 1100 miles on it. It is registered as a 1965 Shelby, Antique Plates, VA title in hand.

It was close to a fully optioned car off their site at the time and has a few upgrades since like LED lights, in tank fuel pump, aluminum gas tank...
Engine is the daddy Roush crate motor, 511 cubic inches with stack throttle bodies, fuel injection. Roush dyno said it made 587 hp and 575 ft-lbs before it was installed. Later, it was tuned on a chassis dyno for a bit more power and reliability. YouTube video below. T56 transmission, upgraded to “viper-spec” to handle to torque. Spec clutch. Have a ton of pictures of installation from Jay at Vintage.

As far as the issues... I want to re hang the new gas tank due to the straps not completely lining up. Straps are for the plastic tank, but they work for the aluminum, just doesn’t look completely right. Might bolt it in instead. Also the fuel gauge is hit and miss so the sender might need to be replaced. Clutch cable needs adjusting and possibly the linkages. The shift pattern is off center, needs to be looked at by someone better than I. I plan on taking the car to a shop to address these issues, as well as go over everything else and fix things that are needed. If you think you can handle these things and want a bit of a discount, feel free to come take a look and we can negotiate. Otherwise, I plan to take it to a shop within the next month. Car does drive as it sits, but the transmission is a bit annoying.

Let me know any questions. Will post pictures shortly.


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Nice car and engine. One question, you say it has antique tags but dyno video shows regular plates.