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Because our cars have the BMW E-3 front ends I found out that we cannot adjust the camber just the toe in. They can solve the problem by adding an inexpensive shim kit.They specialize in BMW alignment and race preparation. They are located in Dulles and the name is RRT on Overlook Drive ( off Old Ox Rd) . They are not cheap but I believe they are worth the extra money. Call for an appt.

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Who knew? can adjust front camber with shims. I learn something every day.
In BDR, you can't install caster-camber plates since the top of the strut is hidden below the fender.

lowerstrutmount shims.jpg

And by using M version offset control arm bushings, you can change caster...

caster offsetr bushing Aligning E30_1.jpg caster offsetr bushing photo .jpg
caster std and offset bushing E30_1.jpg
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