Burgundy w/ white stripes Factory Five Mk1 - $22k OBO Ashburn, VA

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    Ashburn, VA
    Hi all,

    I bought Mike/Jen Moran's FF Mk1 a few years ago. We autocrossed together. It's not a show queen by any means, but has a FI 306 DSS crate motor. I recently put new tires (R888s) on. Also, a new (1 year old) Optima battery (I think yellow top?). It comes with a spare set of wheels with worn R-comps (I'd chuck the tires).

    I'll put together a list of what it has and attach some pics later at home.

    It runs well, but sometimes stalls out when coming to a stop (during initial warm up and when it's hot).

    It leaves a small puddle of oil. Larry Casey tried to address it and Andrewtech redid the valve covers. It seemed to "weep" b/c of the head and valve cover design. I don't know if it's originating elsewhere but plan on getting it looked at.

    Things I've done/added since buying it (a lot of it done by Larry Casey):

    1) Upgraded steering wheel to detachable Momo
    2) Sorted brake lines, replaced pads/rotors
    3) 2 Kirkey aluminum seats
    4) new MSD distributor, plugs, wires
    5) I think Larry installed a new radiator my first year of ownership
    6) Replaced headers/side pipes (I think they were gifted from #22)
    7) Timing Chain
    8) Shifter
    9) Clutch

    I'm basically selling at the same price as what I bought it, without all the updates/maintenance.

    -Ed O'Donnell
    cell: 301-529-2831
    Ashburn, VA

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