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Karen and I went to CapOne at 1:00 to get into the Mystics game and then watch the Caps game on TV with a whole bunch of our closest friends then party outside! You just can not believe how tightly packed the crowd was outside afterwards. It was an incredible party. Mounds of bottles and cans and actually a fairly sane celebration.


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Barry Trotz lives across the street from us. He had the cup out in his front yard yesterday, letting any and all passersby hold it for pics. The reactions from some of the people were unbelievable.


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It was a terrific win for the Caps, Ovi, the fans and the city. My grandson was at 3 of the four wins and my grand daughter at least one in Vegas and one at home. Grand son was in the WaPo Thursday edition with a half page picture of him watching the warm-ups.for game two. Both kids will be at the parade tomorrow.