Cobra Track Event June 1 & 2

Scott Harrison

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If you haven't had the opportunity of driving your Cobra at speed in a closed course, off-highway venue, this is your chance.
This event is being held at Carolina Motorsport Park which is about an hour south of Charlotte, NC. It is being sponsored by Nostalgia Motorcars Ltd. Jim & Mary Harrell, the owners, are one of the dealers who build the CSX Shelby Cobras (including mine).
This event is open to all Ford motor products, but will be predominately Cobras including some Team Shelby FIA Cobras and a Ford Focus Jim is racing in the GrandAm series. I have been helping Jim & Mary prepare for the event. (I am not getting paid & there is nothing in it for me other than seeing you have as good a time as I do.) This track is really new-built in '99, and the cost ($300) is very low considering the amount of track time available over two days.
I will be there with CSX4100 & my son, Jon and his '96 Mustang Cobra. You're also welcome to attend as "crew" or friends of registered attendees at no cost-of course you can't get on the track.
Check out the WEB site
for the latest information and registration forms etc.
You can also view the track at <>.
If you want more info, let me know.

Scott Harrison-CSX4100
Great Falls, VA