CSX 4000 Series defined

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As far as CSX4000 and CSX7000 cars are concerned, SAAC accepts these cars as genuine Shelby American Cobras (as opposed to "original" Shelby American Cobras). The definition we use to identify an original Cobra is one which was, 1) built between 1961 and 1968, 2) at the direction of and under contract from Carroll Shelby/Shelby American Inc., and 3) sold by Shelby American or one of its franchised dealers. The only difference between original Cobras and CSX4000 and CSX7000 cars is the time frame in which they were built (1). However, all three factors separate Shelby’s current cars from all the rest of the Cobra replicas, AC MK IVs, COB/COX continuation cars, etc. So, to our way of thinking, the current crop of Cobras are genuine but are not original.

The pecking order of a Shelby Cobra in terms of Value: (from Club Cobra "experts")

- 1960’s 289 Race Cars 2000
- 1960’s 427 Race Cars 3000
- 1960’s 427 Cars 3000
- 1960’ 289 Cars 2000
- 1960’s Paper Work 289 and 427 cars 2000/3000 (Just 4000 and 7000 cars that someone kept the paper work and maybe a headlight
from a 2000/3000 car)
- 427 Aluminum and 289 Aluminum 4000/7000/8000 cars from Shelby: American Las Vegas Built
- 427 Fiberglass and 289 Fiberglass 4000/7000/8000 cars from Shelby American: Las Vegas Built
- 427 Aluminum and 289 Aluminum 4000/7000/8000 cars from Shelby Automobiles
- 427 Fiberglass 4700 cars from Shelby Automobiles built all over the place