Elder's Wild Ride!!!!

The proprietor of Cobra Inc. apparently took a wild ride this week! The story, as I remember it told by an un-named source (Farhood ;) ) at the VI this morning, goes something like this........

Elder and Helen are going out of town for about 8 days. Rick Race's Cobra is currently occupying one of the bays in Elder's garage, so being the nice guy that he is, Elder decides he'll put his Cobra in the trailer for storage while they're away. That way, Jon will have room in the garage to work on his Mustang Cobra.

Elder hitches his truck up to the trailer so he can pull it up the hill far enough to get the tailgate down and still have enough room to pull the Cobra in. As he's just about in the trailer, he hears a metallic clanking sound (not unlike a trailer coming "un-hitched"), and suddenly the scenery starts whizzing by, backwards, at an alarming rate! 8O 8O

At this point, Elder can only sit there in his Cobra, helpless, while the trailer rolls backwards down the driveway, picking up speed, dragging it's jack, through the split rail fence at the base of the driveway (luckily between two posts!), misses the well (thankfully), down through the back yard, and comes to rest just before the trees!
8O 8O

Thankfully, somebody was there to take pictures. Otherwise this story would be almost unbelievable! :D

Note the triangular shaped object laying in the edge of the grass on the right hand side of the driveway. What is that??? OHHHHhhh, it's a WHEEL CHOCK! 8)

Look at the tire tracks relative to the two fence posts! There must have been less than a couple inches of clearance per side!

Walk of shame! :D
Elder - "Man, I hope the details of this incident don't get out to CACC"

I didn't receive any pictures of the driver's seat in Scott's Cobra, but I understand there's a permanent crease in the leather now. 8)
This story sure beats me backing over my hood. Man Elder, your gonna be a while living this one down. 8O

I am so glad you escaped without damage though.... :D

Joe Loyd

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Oh, now this could be a lot of fun (at Elders expense of course!)....

Let's fill in the balloon (ya know, Elder's favorite pastime!)...

To get us started, how about:

a. Man, how I'm going to keep this under wraps from the CACC guys?...
b. How can I hide these tracks from Hellen?....
c. Man, how I'm going to keep this under wraps from the CACC guys?...


Mike Holt

Good thing the gate was........oh wait!!!!!! :lol:

I can only imagine what was going through his mind during the ride! (If this ever gets out to the CACC guys....) 8O :oops:


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And Scott tried to pawn the name "Slick" off on me????

That had to be an awesome ride, in a Cobra, in the trailer. Wow! an E ticket for those who remember what those were... did the car come out at all?

My hat is off to you Scott, with your website god rights, that you have allowed this to be posted...

formerly known briefly as "slick"
Heeeeeeheeeeeheeee........woooooooooooo, that was fun Daddy, do it again, do it again!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O

Hat's off the Helen's sense of humor!!!!!


We still have four more days before Elder gets back to his computer and abuses his vast moderator powers to remove this post. So, let the name committee get to work. This is a chance to give Elder a new name that has the ability to replace "Elder"!

How about; :idea:
1. Trailer King (instead of queen)
2. (Jim will like this one) Crapper Scott, - you know he needed to change his shorts after that one. Just look at the way he is walking up the hill!
3. Roller coaster
4. Wild ride
5. Lucky!
6. Busted!

Help me out here, I know there is a good name out there! :twisted: :wink: :!:
Chainless (as in safety chains), Chockless (my personal favorite), Soap Box (as in Derby), Eldest (as in years taken off Elder's life), CobraSled, Haulmark or Box Jockey, Hitchless, the mind just boggles..........

Diane Ilg

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8O Amazing that the trailer cleared the fence and stopped short of the trees.

Watching with interest to see what the naming committee comes up with that does justice to this close call.


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Help me out here, where did the pics come from? Was someone there? Did anyone see it happen?

I am in awe, I can't even imagine what that was like pulling into the trailer and while the car was still running, having the trailer take off down the hill backwards... sitting in your car, sitting in the trailer while this was all going on, that is just friggin' incredible...

"Mr E-Ticket"


Rob Burton

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i bet when the trailer raised up off the hitch, it bumped the ramp up a bit......it may have even closed, making for one even wilder ride.

Rob Burton

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Naming Committee: What cartoon character always had bad things happen to him, but always came out unharmed....looking through those glasses of his..........

Plausible theory Rob, but the springs on his ramp cables, must be stronger than mine.

You know, throughout history, famous figures have often had a descriptor applied to their name, (e.g. Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Elder the Chockless)


Aloha everyone.
clayfoushee said:
Now that you mention it..........I'm trying to figure out how the ramp didn't leave more evidence on the lawn :? .
When the tongue lifted, levering the ramp into the ground, the ramp was was effectively then raised and probably held up by the support cables/spring system. Other wise the ramp would have dug into the lawn and acted as a brake for sure, leaving massive divits.

Elder was certainly being watched over by a patron saint to walk away from this one unscaithed (physically). I am sure by the time you all spit him back out he'll need a medicated cream of some sort.

Glad no one got hurt.