Exceptional Mechanic

If there’s anyone out there who’s stuck on an unsolvable, mechanical problem or just an old fart who’s lost any semblance of whatever manual dexterity he once enjoyed and need someone to take up the slack, try contacting Bernie Day at (301) 318-7095…he’s out on Riverdale, MD.

He’s a good guy, perhaps one of the best engine/carburetor people in the area, per Paul Markonis @ Radial Tire. He’s built an ERA Cobra at one time and has worked on other Cobras as well. He specializes on Ford engines, but I assume he can handle anything. He knows what he’s doing, is precise and thorough in whatever he touches.

He did a great job with my 19 year old Superformance Cobra…everything from rebuilding the carb, to installing new front wheel bearings to essentially finding and fixing anything that was wrong with the car. I think she runs better now than when I first picked her up at Dennis Olthoff’s back in 2006.

Questions…feel free to call or otherwise get in touch with me at (301) 762-6334 or ozzserengulian@verizon.net.