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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by InProcess, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Anyone else interested, deal still valid??? $99 for 4 laps on autox circuit at Regency Stadium in Waldorf, MD, saturday 19 May.

    Maybe we can do a cruise/meal in southern maryland.

    Let me know if interested.
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  2. Craig S

    Craig S Contributing Member Member

    Manassas, Va
    I signed up
  3. Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional" Staff Member Contributing Member Member

    Hmmm...parking lot with cones for $87. I have friends with who will let me drive their Lambo, GTR or Ferrrari....I'll pass.
  4. Craig S

    Craig S Contributing Member Member

    Manassas, Va
    You are a lucky guy Scott.
  5. Bob Lennon

    Bob Lennon Contributing Member Member

    You want excitement ? .....If you promise to get me to work on time, you can drive my super-wagon subaru up our mountain road to the ski resort.
    No charge and lots of excitement...no-shoulder-shear-cliffs, falling and fallen rocks, icy corners, giant plows coming down the center of the road, two wheel drive Texas pickups spinning-out (good name for an Elvis movie set in Houston), blinding sun; decreasing radius turns...drifting encouraged. Miss you all and the new years run...bob in Santa Fe. IMG_4221.jpg Ski-santa-fe-bob-jan-1-2018.jpg IMG_4225.jpg

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