Factory Five MKII for sale


Wanted - Dead or Alive
351 Windsor Tremec five speed. Black with no stripes. FFR3486. 17 Mustang Cobra wheels. Purchased from 2nd owner in 2013.

10,000 miles and always garaged of course. Looking to sell to get a Coupe or other performance car. Asking $29,000. Titled in VA as a 1965. If you want a car with no frills this is for you. No radio or wipers but very fun to drive. Why buy a kit and spend years building one with your significant other saying why didn't you just buy a turn key one. This is the car for you at priced less than a top of the line Prius.

Note: Cute little bear is not included.


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Wanted - Dead or Alive
Funny Hot rod. Scott - Explain the banned comment. I do not follow your point. Last time I checked members have GT40's, a Pantera, Coupes, Mustang race cars to name a few. And most of you all have wipers and some even have tops - imagine that.


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Don't worry, he has yet to get rid of anyone. And who would host this years Christmas party :coolsmiley:

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First, membership in CACC is totally arbitrary, No requirements, no dues, no bylaws.
Hence, I as Exec-VP can ban anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Second, When you have held as many CACC functions in your house and/or garage, you can bust my balls about it. I've lost count, but I'm sure it exceeds 12. I'm in semi retirement now waiting for the rest of the club to step up and hold functions at their place.


Wish I had my plates... MVA closed on weekend and local Tag/Title companies cannot do Historic until Wednesday.... have to wait :-(