FFR Hot Rod Truck @ Barrett Jackson

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If you're lusting after the FFR 35 Hot Rod truck, but no time to DIY, get a bidder's pass for this Sunday's auction in Scottsdale....

Lot #1602 - Originally built and planned to be unveiled at the Barrett-Jackson 2019 Connecticut auction, this truck had a different future. After it was decided that it would better serve as a platform as the ideal shop truck for Barrett-Jackson Garage customers, the cover was quickly put back on and plans of a limited-edition series were born. In addition to this very first special-edition truck #001 being auctioned off, the team from Factory Five will be hosting a “Live-Build” of Special Edition Truck #002 in the DIY “Restoration Alley” area during the 9-day Scottsdale Auction. The Special Edition Barrett-Jackson Truck takes the award-winning Factory Five 35 Hot Rod truck to the next level with a combination of performance parts, high-end components from major partner companies, and serial-numbered Barrett-Jackson branding. The truck is custom from the frame up, as the tubular steel space-frame is custom powder-coated with matching control arms in the front and rear; the front lower control arms have laser-cut Barrett-Jackson logos in steel. The brakes are huge Wilwood units, 6-piston binders with 12.88” cross-drilled and slotted rotors up front, and 12.19” rotors in back. The brake calipers are custom powder-coated with Barrett-Jackson logos, and the performance suspension is inboard cantilevered double A-arm front and race-proven 3-link solid axle 8.8” rear with 3.55 gears and with double adjustable KONI brand coilovers at all four corners. It rides on high-end 18” custom Halibrand-style aluminum wheels with massive 315/30/R18 rear tires and 245/35/R18 fronts. The drivetrain is special as well, as the power comes from a 470hp 6.0-liter LS engine with an automatic transmission and some extra-cost goodies, like the cool Edelbrock dual-throttle body induction system. **TITLED AS A 1935 FORD SPECO**


226722_Engine_Web s.png226722_Rear_3-4_Webs .png226722_Interior_Webs.png
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I was at B-J yesterday. Did not see the truck. But I saw two FF GLM’s that were really great looking. Both sold in the high 70’s if I recall.