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  1. StephenP

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    Adelphi, MD
    Yes my car is for sale. Asking $26,500

    It is a late MK-II with a built 306 Ford EFI, T-5, and 3.08 8.8rear.
    I do have a list of " add on's " / current configuration. I do not have pictures YET.
    It is still set up as an autocross car with springs and sway bars but can be adjusted for softer street use.

    There are presntly some idle issues, part of the low price, but besides that it is still great.
    I hope to have pictures in the next few days if the sun cooperated

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  2. sbrookeinmd

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  3. Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional" Staff Member Contributing Member Member

    "There are presntly some idle issues,"

    Did you check the voltage on your TPS? Also, is the IAC clean?

  4. Rob Burton

    Rob Burton Contributing Member Member

    I remember in 2004 you just finished it and drove it to Ohio. BTW, how are the ball joints?:angel::lol::moon:
  5. StephenP

    StephenP Contributing Member Member

    Adelphi, MD
    Scott H - yes - TPS adjusted and checked a couple of time - between .95 and .99 IAC - cleaned and then replaced...

    Huggy - Yep that trip was an adventure. - ball joints replaced when I put on the FFR lower control arms and the 5 lug spindles.

    Scott B - is there a simple way to put multiple columns in a post? The list of stuff on my car is pretty long...Like can I insert a spreadsheet?
  6. Tom Wells

    Tom Wells Contributing Member Member

    Ah, yes. I remember it as if it was yesterday (but don't ask me what I did yesterday). Following you-all squeaking and clunking all the way back to the motel, then finding the Goodyear tire store with a grease gun. I don't think he charged you for that?

    I hope the reason for selling isn't too negative...

  7. StephenP

    StephenP Contributing Member Member

    Adelphi, MD
    Nope - he did not charge me anything for the work they did. I think I still have the tire pressure gauge he gave me.

    Selling - Nothing too bad - just a little too tall to be comfortable (never quite fit), my back and knees complain a little more than before after even shorter time behind the wheel. Hurts for a day or two after bending over the engine compartment. Just accepting the fact it is time to move on... I have talked to a couple of folks over the past six months with some nibbles but nothing firm.
  8. sbrookeinmd

    sbrookeinmd Staff Member Contributing Member

    I'm not seeing an easy way to have a multi-column table. Not that it isn't in there. Maybe a picture/screenshot of your spreadsheet?
  9. StephenP

    StephenP Contributing Member Member

    Adelphi, MD
    FFR upper & lower control arms
    600 lb springs (450 stock)
    VPN Sway bar
    Quick ratio power steering rack (reman)
    Offset steering rack bushings
    SN95 spindles (5 lug and brake upgrade)
    Whitby Motorcars SAI Kit
    Quick jack grommets (Front quick jacks not installed, but included)
    Air duct screens
    Air duct with Attwood fans both side

    Engine Compartment
    Ford 306 built
    Y303 heads
    Keith Black KB Performance Pistons KB116030-8 (Summitt)
    Ford “Cobra” cam (P/N: F3ZE-CA)
    1.7 Ford Roller rockers
    Ford Cobra intake,
    70mm ProM MAF
    70mm BBK throttle body
    24lb injectors
    T5z Transmission (new 2012?)
    Denny’s Driveshaft Cobra Pkg (New balanced driveshaft for FFR)
    FFR 4 into 4 exhaust
    Windshield wiper (driver side - marine wiper)
    FFR hood hinge

    Rear & Trunk
    315 mod
    FFR 3 link rear suspension upgrade
    Timken rear wheel bearing package
    FFR rear control arms
    VPM adjustable sway bar
    VPM coil over shocks / springs
    Cobra disk brakes
    Brake proportioning valve (behind driver seat)
    Trailer hitch with cover (used with tire trailer)
    Brake / turn signal upgade (1 turn & 1 brake else 2 brake)
    Breeze Automotive trunk mounted power shutoff switch w/ 10A bypass
    Below trunk floor battery box
    Carpeted trunk
    Hidden trunk hinges

    Passenger Compartment
    Vintage air heater
    Dark Water Customs dead pedal box
    Cruise control hookups - CC in a box included
    Side wind deflectors
    Sun visors
    Soft top - old style w/ hard windows
    12v power outlet (not switched, 15A fused)
    FFR Street Performer seats
    Breeze adjustable seat mounts
    Glove box
    Padded door panels w/ pockets
    Upgraded indoor outdoor carpet
    Dynamat (like) sound mat under carpet
    Nylon cockpit cover
    Dash Steering hole insert
    FFR Leather wrapped steering wheel
    Lexus Green (xxx code) / Chrysler silver stripes (paint code)
    Dual roll bar - gloss black
    Roll bar grommets and polished trim rings
    Rear quick jacks - painted silver (front are in box)
    Chrome CobraR wheels (one with a little chrome bubble)
    275w / 315w HTR Z Tires
    Side mirrors

    Top of rear passenger wheel well scraped – might buff out.
    Passenger front wheel has a little rust bubble

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