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Scott Harrison

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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To avoid an avalanche of your additional unfortunate hapless blunders this might be a good place to end this thread and get back to writing your autobiography, "Here Hold My Wine, and Watch This!"
I do need to record my memoirs while I still have some memory cells left...

I was recalling some of my finer moments (in no particular order):

  • Blowing up BJ's Excaliber' trans at the Spring Fling autocross
  • Running into the Armco at Road America in Joe's Daytona coupe
  • Backing my Cobra into the corner of my trailer
  • Rolling the Baja car
  • Running into the back of Joe's Porsche at VIR in my 89 Mustang
  • Dropping Lee Tilton's Cobra off the floor jack
  • Lowering the lift on Gurewitz's Cobra
  • Backing the Trailer thru the fence while sitting inside in the Cobra
  • Backing my F250 into the front of Wheeler/Evans Mustang
  • Raising the lift & running the roof of my Mustang into the garage door opener
  • Doing a 720° in the Cobra on Rt1 in Dewey Beach (just missing a bicyclist)
I'm sure there are more...just can't recall them all.
Maybe we should rate these on the Darwin scale...How many cups for each bonehead moment? bhbaward.jpg