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"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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To avoid an avalanche of your additional unfortunate hapless blunders this might be a good place to end this thread and get back to writing your autobiography, "Here Hold My Wine, and Watch This!"
I do need to record my memoirs while I still have some memory cells left...

I was recalling some of my finer moments (in no particular order):

  • Blowing up BJ's Excaliber' trans at the Spring Fling autocross
  • Running into the Armco at Road America in Joe's Daytona coupe
  • Backing my Cobra into the corner of my trailer
  • Rolling the Baja car
  • Running into the back of Joe's Porsche at VIR in my 89 Mustang
  • Dropping Lee Tilton's Cobra off the floor jack
  • Lowering the lift on Gurewitz's Cobra
  • Backing the Trailer thru the fence while sitting inside in the Cobra
  • Backing my F250 into the front of Wheeler/Evans Mustang
  • Raising the lift & running the garage door opener into the roof of my Mustang
  • Doing a 720° in the Cobra on Rt1 in Dewey Beach (just missing a bicyclist)
  • Backing my freshly repainted Cobra into the garage door frame
  • Running the Cobra into the curb and busting up the oil cooler surround.
I'm sure there are more...just can't recall them all.
Maybe we should rate these on the Darwin scale...How many cups for each bonehead moment? bhbaward.jpg
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