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I'm finding that the new 17" tires are much more grippy than the old ones and as a result, the backend likes to get loose. Especially when accelerating on turns. What can I do to better balance the suspension for this? Higher spring rates on the back? Something else? Everything is basically stock, with the exception of the FFR 3-link.

Tom Wells

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Here's a kind of generic summary from Tire Rack. You can find lots of places to read basically the same thing.

The short version is:

1) You are describing oversteer

2) You can try to reduce oversteer by
a) reducing the front tire pressure and/or
b) increasing the rear tire pressure

Lots of other things can be changed - see the table for those. Tire pressures can be sufficient (use the recommended 2psi per tire per try). Much easier than modifying the alignment or the suspension itself. This might be a second step if the tire pressures don't help enough.

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