Hello all and thanks for the invite

Hello all
I figured I should formally introduce my self to the gang.

My name is ...... You guessed it Mark Dougherty.
I have been building, racing, repairing, and finishing races cars, and Cobras since the the late 80's
I have a business ( The Traveling Builder ) where my sons and I travel to you and help you build your project in your garage.
We can work on any stage of the build.
We also don't mind helping people with their build without being there. Sometimes you just need to ask questions.

When Scott H invited us to join in on the Brooke build we were keen to join in.
I really enjoy helping people complete their dreams.

Thanks for letting me join such a great group of like minded individuals.
I'll see you at an autox soon.

Mark D



Welcome to as yet, another Cobra related forum, you'll find this group of Cobra fanatics quite friendly :cheers:

Bill S.


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Welcome Mark,
Glad to see you finally joined the madness!!
(One of guys who stole Scott Brooke's kit car!) :burnout: