Hi All

John Sitton, a.k.a. phileas_fogg here. I'm currently building a Factory Five Roadster, #8631. Craig Stuard has been helping immensely, and (if I had tires to go on my wheels), I'm at the roller stage. I look forward to meeting you!


That's Seneca WV in case you were wondering, and I'm maybe 350-400 feet off the ground.

This one is Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite (I'm in the yellow shirt). That's about 2000 feet, and you get to scoot across the rope (a Tyrollean traverse) back to the top of the cliff!


P.S. Hi Dan; Hi Wade.


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When I was younger in my late 20's, I did some rock climbing and repelling down over Great Falls and Carder Rock parks. Wish I got heavy into it! :uglystupid2: