Members with 0 posts will be purged!


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I will be purging all zero post members by the end of July. That should give everyone plenty of time to speak up and say something. One post is all it takes! In fact, go ahead and reply to this thread. Just say something about yourself. Tell us all why you're such a recluse. :roll:

Anyone have a problem with this happening, let me know.
Camshaft envy

I've been afraid to write because my camshaft is so small. And you guys write about roller camshafts, lobe centerline, strokers, and big blocks. Its just so intimidating.

Scott Harrison

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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Good move Scott B.
On behalf of the rest of CACC members, I can say we're tired of all these non-contributing "lurkers" out there.
Most are probably spies :twisted: from some manufacturer trying to see what evil rumors are being spread by the active contributors.
BTW, Carroll has asked me personally monitor the members of this forum. And he just sent me a new supply of Shelby I don't want to see anymore flagrant copyright infringements or trademark abuses of the Cobra title or logos...or I'll have to start using it. :evil: :evil:

Eric Nelson

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PLease don't purge me!!

Typical Sys Admin guy...

I am in a learning mode - not much to say. I plan to buy a car within the next year, however.

Does the club have a "For Sale" section?

Jim Harding

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Best for sale board is at

another at

others too, but these should take up the better part of your evening :lol:

- Jim -
Don't give me the boot I just got in!

Hello everyone!! Unfortunately I did not build my own FFR but I'm a card carrying member! FFR#2225

I'm in Urbana MD. Let's zoom around sometime.
Welcome Rob! I recognize that number. Wasn't that John Cornelius' car? I met him at VIR when I first took delivery of my kit and I remember us talking about the fact that our cars were only 4 numbers apart (FFR2229K).
Ron Oliver checking in

Hi, Guys!
just checking in before the deadline. Life is keeping me BUSY these days. In process of taking off LOBAK mufflers and replacing with mufflers with 22 " straight-through mufflers from Lucien at Arizona Exhaust. Sounds great, much improved flow, need to get them coated. Will keep you updated.

Ron :


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Zero posters remaining:

2kstylegt - Kris at JAX auto.

Typhoon - co-owner of this server, he stays.

charlieg - Charlie Givans. Hey Charlie, where are you? Hope everythings ok. He refered a buyer for my donor carcass so he stays. :D

mlevea - Mark Levea

john y - John Yankowski maybe...don't have my notes handy.

Shaun - Shaun Goodwin

Dan - Dan Wildhalm(?)

Joe Drumheller - Hey Joe, post something already. He stays.

Spedding - Rob Spedding from E&M most likely.

Don Olkowski - Spoke to him on the phone last night. He stays.

SilverBear - Sterling Replicars owner. Non-contributing business person. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.

The rest came on board within the last month so I'll cut them a little slack. If anyone thinks I shouldn't cut any of these folks let me know ASAP. Thanks!


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Correction on SilverBear. Gary straightened me out that this is Lee Dahmer who's contributed to the club in many other ways. Sorry about that. SilverBear stays.

Scott Harrison

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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After you delete all these "Lurkers", perhaps you can set up an "Executive Thread" for people like Wade who have posted over 3 a day since the this board was created.
People like Wade? Hmmm.....

Let's see.... he has 368 posts and you have 355....sort of in the same category I would think.

Oh, I get it; you were just being modest. :lol: :lol: :lol: