New Cobra (FF MK4) Owner


I picked up a MK4 a couple weeks ago and I've been primarily surfing the FFCars and FF Racing Forum. I bought my car from a dealer in Texas and it came with its share of problems. I have a couple leaks including the front seal and one or two other small leaks. My plan is to take it on Quantico so the auto shop can help me fix it. It is a great car and once I get the small things fixed I'll take it for an extended trip.

I'd also like to put in a lift so I can easily work on it at home. I found a place in Fredericksburg that will deliver and install an Atlas lift for $400. I'm going to have to modify the garage door (rails / opener) so I can keep the car on the lift when not in use.

So, I kind of killed two birds with one stone - intro and suggestions...

Here is a picture of my car:

Thanks - Don