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Hello to all fellow Cobra enthusiasts,

My name is James and I have FFR plans. I am a full time teacher and weekend furniture maker. I am currently in the works with planning and permits for a detached garage to build my FFR. (The wife is on Board, and that is important.) It has been a long time dream and I am lucky to have an opportunity make this happen.

I look forward to learning and meeting with fellow enthusiasts; though your Saturday meet ups will be difficult; for in preparation for the build I am reeducating myself with, “Engines Theory and Maintenance” a class at NOVA which fills my Saturdays. Good class.

My last real engine/car work was with my old 66 Mustang(high school) and my 87 Dodge Truck, I am noticing things have changed a bit(My current car is a 2008 Chrysler 300C which I have not really touched…except tie-rods and breaks.) Most of my experience is with general maintenance and simple parts replacement.

Thanks to all in advance, I already have tons of questions and ideas, but god willing there is time.

Thank you,

James K.

Jim Harding

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Welcome to the club James. Your background will give you a leg up on a lot of builders. For a lot of guys, building their car was their first at building anything. The engine can be a simple as the one in your '66 or as complicated as the current stuff. Your NOVA classes will be necessary for the latter!


Doug Wheeler
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Welcome! Let me know if you want use of a free engine crane. I have the CACC engine crane in my garage and it's free to anyone who wants to use it.
Thanks all for the welcome. I look foward to seeing some of your cars, particularly the FFR's. I have looked but may have missed it; are there times where we you all meet other than saturday mormings?

Take care all, happy driving.


Wicked96SS said:
Great group of guys here... very smart.
Are you sure you posted this on the right forum? ;D

James - saturday mornings are the usual (Sundays for the MD crowd). Any other get-togethers will probably be posted here on the forum.