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FFR Mk1 302 T5 3.73s

My name is Jim Wiley & I live pretty far south of most of you, down in Amherst VA.

My love affair with Cobras started when I was in elementary school - all it took was me seeing a plastic model car kit for something called a "Cobra" with a big picture of a guy in a black cowboy hat. I didn’t know who the guy was, just that he was blocking out part of the car's image. I bought the kit (using most of my life's savings @ that time) & was mesmerized by the shape of the body.

Many years later I was in college & saw this girl, I was mesmerized by the shape of her body. I asked her name, she replied "Shelby"! So we got married.

Now, some years later still (I'm 36 now) I just wrote the check for a FFR roadster. It’s a 302 powered Mk1 car, white with princess blue stripes.



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Welcome Jim. I paly a lot of golf doen in your neck of the woods, Poplar Grove Golf Club in Amherst.
I have poperty where I hunt in Schuyler VA. I Brides Dad grew up in Gladstone (Sites).
Welcome Jim! Hope you can bring your MKI to VI some Saturday. As the weather warms more and more club members will bringing out their cars. There seams to always be a few there....even if it's 18degrees!



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Jim, you might want to change the idea of joining this group of misfits :crazy2:

You'll regret having fun with cruises, events, or just get togethers. :cheers:

I had to up my Amps for the shock therapy! :elder: :uglystupid2:

Well, welcome anyway to a really great bunch of guys in a fantastic car club...You won't regret it! :burnout: O0