New Kid on the Block


Hay y'all, been watching the decals in the windows of the cars for a while. Finally got off the fence and made the connection. I live way out west near Winchester, Clarke County, Virginia to be exact.

The little Cobra has been at home here for about 10 years now. Originally a Classic Roadster, 351W (366cid) aluminum heads & single 4 bbl carb, T-5, 3:73 Ford rear ratio. It was black until the rebuild earlier this year and returned to life in a dark green with silver Shelby stripes.

Two years ago I thought it was time it earned its way, started running autocross in Winchester (MB-GWS) and Cumberland Airport (National Road Rally/Autosport).

As soon as I sort out how to get photos posted I will get a picture or two up and on the forum.

Meanwhile, I take it out to Summit Point when I work at the track (Flagging and Communications for SCCA events). Planning to drop by Katies Cars and Coffee probably about the 23rd (July). Saw a few CACC folks there last time.

Welcome, Wayne. I've seen you and your ride in action several times. High time you checked into the asylum with the rest of us.


Larry White - Troll
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Hi wayne,

I think we spoke about a month ago at Katies. I think I was the one who encouraged you to join the club and visit our website. Glad you did. You said you were from Winchester and we have a few members there. Saw on your post that you are actually from Boyce. I have good friends there by the name of Jeff and Erica Kelbe. He is the Shenandoah river keeper.Look forward to seeing you again.


Thanks for the greetings! Looking forward to Cumberland, not sure at the moment if I will run the 30/31 weekend. Looking at heading back to Katies Cars and Coffee probably on the 23rd. Sorry I missed Winchester last weekend, was way down in North Carolina playnig in beach sand.