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What to tell I got my Cobra in 2003 I was very pleased with driving it then DMV in Virginia decided to retitle it on their own Saying it was a 2003 car a long with inspection and emissions so I put it in storage for about 10 years my son and I went to pay it a visit cause I was thinking of selling her and he wouldn’t hear of it so started a long journey of getting her back on the road first was to get rid of the 3 speed automatic (I bought it with it in it so my wife could drive her but after the baby came he is 15 now she was afraid of it with all the power the Cobra has ) so now she has a T5 trans after inspection she need a lot more work steering balls joints rear springs a host of other issues new wheels and tires and cutting one Mechanic loose and giving her back to the great mechanic that worked on her in the beginning she should be ready by Memorial day weekend 02042521-D497-4712-8A29-0F2D16277864.jpeg80936E36-0FF4-4E68-A679-02ACAF716111.jpeg5CEA6353-8B81-4998-81EE-4460749E6BA8.jpeg4DB7FD93-BA2C-4DED-8AFF-9F8A0DE0D4CB.jpeg she was built by Don Scott rip. By company named Classic Roadsters 2 she is longer that others and a little wider as I’m a big guy