New members having trouble registering


John Sitton
Two guys (madkow70 and Aircontroller) on are having trouble registering:

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I tried to register to Capital Area Cobra Club. but the registration isn't working. the confirmation e-mail is not being sent. I tried it with two different accounts and the same issue stops the process. Since i'm not even finished on registration process, I can't even ask for help on that forum. would someone already a member from that club let the moderator know that I'm dying to finish my registration? My handle/ID is "madkow70"

Thank you

The source thread is

If a SysAdmin can help them out, they'd appreciate it.



I had issues changing my email address a couple of weeks ago, and never received the confirmation emails, but Scott helped out.
I also don't receive any mail notification from response in the forum, could the mail "module" be broken?