New to the site.


Hello everyone, I'm a new member. Although I'm not a local, I reviewed the site and it looks like a great site, so I joined. Hope all of you are ok with this.

I built a Lone Star Classic 427 Cobra back in 2001. I built a 428 that's apx. 500 HP at the crank and 400 HP at the wheels on the Dyno-Jet. I'm now planning to build a Pond Aluminum 482 engine, and stage 2 Edelbrock heads from Keith Craft. I will donate a lot of the parts from my 428.

I will have Comp Cams grind me a solid mechanical roller, somewhere around 650 lift, 252/260 duration @ 0.50 and either a 110 or 108 lobe sep. Should be a monster motor with apx. 630-650 HP. I will be selling my bottom end and heads so, if anyone is interested, I can give you the specs. A phone call would be better as I hate, to type. lol

I'll try to post some photo's in my gallery here. In the mean time, below are a few links to my Cobra and a little info about me.

I'll look forward to looking and asking questions about your cars and chatting with you !

Thank you,

(The 1/4 scale sprint car is one I built for my best friend Chad. The RC's is another hobby of mine. The video "a with my 427 Cobra" is the Hot Rod Power Tour. Several friends and myself attended in Kansas. I was interviewed by the Kansas TV station, that was cool. I was feeling to ill so, my buddy Chad drove her home and had a little,..... fun. I've always told him he could and this was the first time. We race 360 winged sprint cars together ($$$ hobby) and I trust him with my car.)

Gary Hughes

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Welcome, Kevin. By all means do post more pictures. Cobra pics are a dime a dozen. A few more pics of your fender cover, on the other hand . . . O0


Thanks guys. The Blondie, I have to live with.
I can't find my album & how to upload pics ?
I'm not receiving any email notices, and I think I have the selection marked ?



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Welcome Kev I love the pit crew. you should join us when we all drive up and visit the Simeone Foundation Museum in PHILADELPHIA and brig the pti crew I have an open seat.


The Blondie I have to live with. She heads up the "Husker Bikini Team" hired for photo shoots.

The girls put a nice coat of ,....natural wax on the car. :p

This is my 428 FE that I'll be selling as a long block. If interested, let me know.

That's it. You and all the girls are in, and simply have to come East to Cumberland for the races this year, to class the joint up a little. Oh. And bring the LSC Cobra, too!.


Ok, aka----cap !

I'll ask you also. I have a post on CC for a Group Buy for Billboard tires for $794 + shipping. If your interested, please say "Yes, I'll buy".
Here's the link and as of now, look at page 3.