New Years day Frostbite Cruise 2019


John Sitton
Was on my way, but after I filled up with gas the car wouldn't start. Had to get towed home (fortunately I was only 1 1/2 miles away). No power to the fuel pump is my initial diagnosis.

Looks like you guys had a great cruise.



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We did get some mention by the Capital Triumph Club after seeing then downtown:

“We did an extra loop through the parking lot at the Tidal Basin trying to catch a herd of Cobras and a couple of GT40s, but they eluded us. We weren't the only club with a New Year's run in DC today.”


Had a few pics from yesterday above. Including Howard's car here separately. I just love your car, Howard. I want to share a post I put up on FB that includes a piece on the original 1969 LeMans winner. Your car, Howard - is a beautiful tribute.

In my mind, this is the greatest GT40 ever. A MkI chassis that had raced previously many times, and had actually won LeMans 1968, repeats it again in 1969. Here's a great retelling of the story by the winning driver, Jackie Ickx. This win marked the end of Ford's reign at LeMans after winning 4 years straight. Understand the whole idea of American domination at LeMans was very much equal to that of the moonshot in the automobile world. John F. Kennedy had asked for a commitment to place a man on the moon, and return him safely to the earth. Henry Ford had asked for a commitment to win LeMans and end the dominance of Ferrari. After 4 years, the mission was complete. Only weeks later, a man walked on the moon.

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Brian John

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Thank you to all involved in the planning right through lunch. Kilroys does an excellent job handling a large crowd hitting their restaurant all at once. And a big Thank you to Hector for reminding me about the Speed Camera in the 9th St tunnel.

Scott Harrison

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Vic, you're just jealous that we have more fun at our age than you do at yours.