Not a Cobra, but a close second... - Classic Roadster Sebring for sale $9,500.00


Larry Schuette

I purchased this 1989 Classic Roadsters Sebring in August, 2001. It has been a great ride, but it's time for something different. It has 35K miles, about 5K on the current motor.

Classic Roadsters was pretty famous back in the day and pulled molds off of any car that they thought they could sell. This car started out as a "Sebring, which had fender flares (Rear body is still available and comes with the car).

In 2005, I was coming to a stop light and I lost the "brake pedal" when the carpet pushed up on me. I wrecked the front end. Since I really liked the look of the original Healy, I replaced the body with one from a Saxon, which makes it look like a MK-3000, narrow tires and all. It came with a top, but it's not attached, nor do the windows roll up. I always questioned the need for windshield wipers, but it does have them...

Frame is a custom ladder frame with Mustang II IFS, a Ford 302 V-8 with a stage 1 cam, 10:1 compression, Electronic distributor, a cleaned up Rochester 2 barrel, and a 5 speed manual transmission. Has a "Painless" wiring harness, and a Chevette steering column. It is not "Snake Quick" but it's fast enough and sounds great. While currently licensed as an "Antique", it passed smog tests in NOVA every two years and has dual cats/dual exhaust.

Unlike the Cobra, the exhaust flows out the back, so you don't run the risk of burning your leg.

Happy to arrange a viewing/a call/answer any questions.

This car is a perfect, affordable, car that gets lots of compliments and is fun to drive. If you have a friend thinking of diving into kit cars, this is a great place to be.

I'm selling because I have seven cars and reluctantly it's time to trim the herd.


sebring 1.jpg