The Tire Shop in Leesburg

Discussion in 'Local resources' started by JWEHR, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. JWEHR

    JWEHR Member

    Hamilton, Va
    Great folks to work with. They just installed 4:10's in my Marauder. :) Greg Phillips is the Owner, and he is a car guy.
  2. Carlewms

    Carlewms The Rivet Man Contributing Member Member

    At the recommendation of Scott I used these folks to replace all the tires on my trailer ... great service and prices. Well worth the drive up to Leesburg.

  3. dfarhood

    dfarhood Contributing Member Member

    Vienna, VA
    Just something to note, they will only mount tires you buy from them. Too many people were trying to make warranty claims through them on tires they bought on their own.

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