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  1. Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional" Staff Member Contributing Member Member

    Needless to say, this is a resource many of our newer members still working on their build may find very helpful. Mark and his team got one of our senior member's Cobra running in 3 weeks, after a 15 year build.

  2. Ron77

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    Shasta Lake, CA
    I can vouch for Marks work and integrity. He was out here last month and did some work on my Coupe and not only was the work great, I really enjoyed talking with him and discussing different cars and racing.

  3. sbrookeinmd

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    And I'm the "senior member" (really?!?). I've now been driving it legally for a couple of months and it's been nothing but a joy! I even went up to visit with the Dougherty's to install some new front UCA's and get the alignment re-done. Great group of guys! I think they can see my grin from Hershey!

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