Thinking about doing this with a wrap.....

Hector Rodriguez

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Today, at "Katies Cars and Coffee", I saw a Cadillac with the silver wrap on, I think it came from the SE Washington area, very interesting!

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I’m a “no”.

First, I hate that look.
Second, you have to make sure the body work is perfect or it will accentuate any flaws.
Third, I hate that look!;)


Carl Edward Williams ... The Rivet Man
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After seeing at least one of the originals ... the originals had body flaws as well so you would be in good company at least!

Scott Harrison

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Rob's right. The repaint of my Cobra was 4x the cost of a wrap of my 20' Car trailer. 20180322_114633.jpg
It looks great in a photo. But looking at the real deal, I'm somewhat with Mike Holt. I was at Cars & Coffee in Hunt Valley, MD about a month ago and one pulled in the lot about 8:30 am. The sun exploded off that polished body and I was forced to look away as it was painful to my eyes.

I like a brushed aluminum body, but if I owned an alloy-bodied car I'd probably paint it.


Don Gaboury

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A car wrap is a lot harder than you think, that picture looks great. Do you know of any good shops around here that can do that good of a job.. I don't..