Hector Rodriguez

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I hope, and pray, that each and every one of you has a very Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year with your families, full of happiness, love and LOTS OF HEALTH. For me, as I'm sure for must of you, this year has been sort of a sad one due to the resent lose of our dear friends and fellow members Tom, Wade, Phill, Black Jack, and very recently, Herb "The Carburetor Master". I miss them all dearly, and think of them rather often, may be is because I'm getting closer to "good by time"every day that goes by, with one shit going wrong with my old buddy, when it is not the F..... Gout, it will be my back, that stubbornly will not get better, well what the shit, I'm still standing. I just like to ask each and every one of you, to take good care of your health, so you can enjoy your Cobras to a very ripe old age, even if we have to pull you out of them with and engine lifter, like it will probably will happen to me soon. Since I'm writing all this shit, I want to thank all of you for being my friends, for helping me whenever I had any problem with my Cobra and otherwise. How lucky I am to be able to call you "MY GOOD FRIENDS".
Well, I got all this shit off my chest!!


P.S. Jim Schroff keep taking care of your self, so we can try my theory of using an engine lifter to yank you out of your Cobra. We miss you at lunches.
Ken, you also, be good to yourself so you keep being free of the "C" word!


Larry White - Troll
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my buddies in CACC and your families. As Hector said take care of yourselves. Too many sad occasions in such a short time span.


Ken Caniglia AKA Superfly
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Happy Thanksgiving et al O0

Hector thanks for the mention, doing well. Can't get rid of me yet ::)