Two years since we lost Wade

Wade, to me, you were such a wholesome young man, smart, honest, great father and husband, always with a smile on your face, I would have been proud to called you "son", and as I always said to you, "when I grow up, I want to be like you". I don't have that many years left in this life, so the day I cross to your side, I'll be looking forward to hanging out with you. RIP my boy, you will always be a resident in my old heart.


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Though, he has been gone for two years, I occasionally think of him y,particularly at venues/events he frequented. I will continue to cherish the memories we had with Wade. RIP brother.


Never talked too much with Wade, but always was interesting to hear his exploits and comical wit at breakfast at the V.I. Always the one that would show up in all kinds of weather in cold weather gear in the Cobra, shaming us guys who drove our SUVs or cars. I think he used the term Capital Area SUV Club. Thanks Wade for a hand in building a great club! RIP.

Rob Burton

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One of the funniest was when Wade showed up at Carlisle, PA in a rain storm wearing a mask and snorkel!!! Someone has to have that picture!!

Gary Luisi

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I'm new to CACC and never met but enjoy hearing about Wade. I'm planning on going to the Wade Chamberlin event at the London Cobra Show, Anyone else planning on it? Do you think it would be tasteful if I requested driver bring a snorkel and mask to event and have the drivers do a tribute lap to commemorate Wade's spirit?

Tom Wells

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I agree it was very nice. It would have been better if they'd spelled his name correctly. I already left them a message, but so far they still have it incorrect.

Maybe if they got a few more e-mails???