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Discussion in 'Guest Area' started by daemon, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. daemon

    daemon Anthony Jacobin Member


    I'm Anthony, I'm the proud owner of a Factory Five Roadster, #8193 to be exact, delivered on 9/16/17. Currently I have the front suspension complete, still need to work out the engine and trans details. However, power steering rack, Fuel tank, rear end is ordered. I've been following John Sitton, a.k.a. phileas_fogg's build on I also believe quite a few years ago I met Wade Chamberlain and ended up visiting his garage, ultimately "selling me" on the Factory Five kit.

    In any event, I look forward to getting out to a few of the events and meeting ya'll.


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  2. Hot Rod

    Hot Rod Contributing Member Member

    Springfield, VA
    Welcome Anthony, If you ever need help, just holler. If you need motivation, visit the VI on Saturdays. Nothing like seeing someone driving one to make you want to get your on the road.
  3. Ripper

    Ripper CACC President Kevin Moses Contributing Member

    Herndon, VA
    welcome to CACC
  4. Rob Burton

    Rob Burton Contributing Member Member

  5. StephenP

    StephenP Contributing Member Member

    Adelphi, MD
    Where are you in Silver Spring? I am over near College Park.. Just inside 95 & New Hampshire
  6. daemon

    daemon Anthony Jacobin Member

    I'm west of you a bit, I'm tucked away in a neighborhood north of 495 near Rock Creek, where Beach Dr ends. Near Garrett Park.

    My Rear End just showed up today ;-) Hopefully I'll have a little shindig to put the engine in a few months. Shoot me a message if you want to exchange contact info or stop by etc.
  7. Jim Harding

    Jim Harding Contributing Member Member

    La Plata, Maryland
    Welcome to the madness and mayhem Anthony. Everyone here is ready and willing to lend a hand or pass on solutions to issues that will stump you during your build. O0
  8. Mike Holt

    Mike Holt Member

    Magnolia, DE
    "Stump you during your build"? Hell, most of the solutions from this crowd have stumped me for the rest of my life!;D

    Welcome aboard! Get her finished up and join us for the Rehoboth run next year!
  9. Danbo

    Danbo FFR5198 Member

    Arlington, VA
    Welcome to the MaDnEsS Anthony!
    welcome to cacc.jpeg
  10. Rob Burton

    Rob Burton Contributing Member Member

    Anthony, Are you any relation to Dave Jacobin???
  11. Jose G. Morales Jr.

    Jose G. Morales Jr. Contributing Member Member

  12. daemon

    daemon Anthony Jacobin Member

    Rob, I'm not sure ... maybe. The only Jacobins I know are either Italian or French. Most of my family is originally Italian West Virginia coal miners.
  13. Carlewms

    Carlewms The Rivet Man Contributing Member Member


    Another FFR builder here ... but I am on the sloooow path to completion.

    Welcome aboard,


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